Goalie Interference

Goalie Interference

Saturday Cat Blogging

Saturday Cat Blogging

Welcome Back, You’re a Sure-Fire Sign of Spring

Welcome Back, You're a Sure-Fire Sign of Spring

March 15, St. Paul: Heard several reports over the weekend that male redwing blackbirds had returned to southern Minnesota and the southern edge of the Twin Cities. Sure enough, this morning a male announced his presence in the little cattail wetland/drainage basin next door to where I work in St. Paul. I checked last year’s [...]

My New Favorite Girl Friend

Madge the bathing beauty. How could a guy not fall in love with that face? I am putty in her hands.
Canon 1D 2n, 85/1.8, ISO 1000.

Man, I Ain’t Ready For This

Is it just me, or is it too danged early for this stuff?

Mark III Silliness

My Mark III came home today from a trip to Canon Service, where the peripheral focus points were aligned to factory specs. With any luck I will now be among those Mark III owners who can trust their cameras to focus where we point them. Time will tell.
Before I took the leap into the Great [...]

A Criminal Conspiracy Is Afoot

I’ve decided to commit a crime. Well, maybe not a real crime. It’s probably just a transgression against societal order, an intrusion across the boundary between stuff they tell me I can do and stuff they tell me I can’t do. The details of possible consequences are a little vague, but I’m aware of the [...]

When You Gotta Go, The Sandhills Will Come

Couldn’t resist the siren song of croaking sandhill cranes, and headed back to Crex Meadows Sunday. My goal was to get some shots of the big guys landing and taking off, so I set up a blind on the edge of the sanctuary at a spot where I’ve seen a lot of activity recently, poured [...]

2n Testing At Crex

Spent most of Saturday wandering Crex Meadows testing out the focus on my repaired 2n. After a stint in New Jersey with Canon technicians, it seems back to its old, accurate self. The explanatory note from Canon was cryptic, saying only that focus was adjusted and “the part” was replaced. No hint as to what [...]

Dear Canon: Don’t Let This Happen to Me

Lennie Glibnick, Mark III owner, discussing his camera’s AI servo focusing.

Mark III In Sun & Shade

Here are a couple of examples of what I’m seeing with the Mark III in the sunshine and in the shade. Here’s a full frame and crop from a sequence taken on a bright day with AI servo. None in the series are better than this. The Mark III simply never focused on the target, [...]

Tis The Season To Be Scruffy

Several molting cardinals were hanging around the backyard today. I captured these between trips to the sunflower feeders.
1D Mark III, 500 and 2x cheater, ISO 1600, 1/250 @ f8.


I took the Mark III over to a St. Thomas soccer game on a bright day recently, primarily to test it’s balky AI servo focusing. Results were predictably unpredictable; sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Frustrating, because in every other way this is a dream of a camera.

Anyone Know How To Rob A Bank?

`Cause I need a gazillion bucks to get one of these. The new full frame digital Leica rangefinder. $7,000. Body only, of course.

Mark III High ISO Images

The Canon Mark III has a reputation for very good high ISO performance. I don’t know if it’s as good as the Nikon D3 and D700, or the Canon 5D II, but it’s better than my 5D. Stuck indoors recently with nothing much to do, I decided to play with some high ISO settings to [...]

The Bachmann Rule?

Is there a Congressional rule that requires a high pressure stream of stupidity to spew from Michelle Bachmann every time she opens her mouth?

Lunch Walk

My lunch time walk with the Mark III didn’t shed any light on my weekend problems. Today it focused perfectly on static objects when set to single point, helpers and AI servo. These are the settings that failed so dismally Saturday and Sunday, but today they worked very well, in the sun and the shade. [...]

AI Servo Failure or Operator Malfunction?

(Updates below.)
My IIn is in for repairs, so I thought this might be a good time to roll the dice and see if I could latch onto a quality Mark III body. I recently picked up a low time Mark III that had been back to Canon for all updates and was advertised as free [...]

Hybrid Grosbeak?

This female grosbeak has been a frequent visitor to our feeders this summer. The bill seems to get darker every time I see it, making me wonder if it might be a hybrid between a rose breasted and a western black headed grosbeak. Prolly not.
1D Mark III, 500 w/short extension tube, fill flash.

Rainy Day, Rain All Day . . .

Make my house in WoodburySlide away.

The recent non-stop downpours are playing hell with local projects. First they turned the Century Avenue reconstruction in a sea of mud, then into a sea, period.

Discovering The Universe

Friday Night Cat Blogging

New camera + too dark outside = cat photography. Here’s Doug, the camera hating cat, caught unawares by a Canon Mark III, ISO 3200 6400 (ISO 3200 and one stop underexposed), 135mm, 1/320 @ f2.2.

Nick Versus The Water Fountain

Carlos Cruise

On my way to somewhere else Sunday, I took a slight detour and cruised through Carlos Avery to see what I could see. Turned out to be quite a bit. A mom and her twin fawns were walking casually along the northern edge of the sanctuary. Lesser yellow legs were common in the mud flats, [...]