Finally Out of the House

Cabin fever overcame laziness Tuesday, and I dragged my sorry carcass over to Woodbury High School to watch a basketball game. The last high school basketball game I saw was at a tiny school in Missouri, so small that it could dress only five players. Woodbury High doesn’t have that problem, with well over 600 kids in every grade. I counted 18 girls dressed and one other on the bench in civies with a cast on her foot.

As it turned out the game was against the newest school in the state, neighboring East Ridge High, which went into operation only this year. Predictably, Woodbury had too much for the Raptors and cruised to a 70-16 win.

Number 24 in white is Hannah Pignato. She’s driving against Woodbury’s Kristina White in the bottom image.

You’ll notice that the white balance is horrible. I blame society.

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