Princess of Balloonery

Nikon D700, 70-200 VR1

Madge, Princess of Balloonery, waves to her loyal subjects. Princess Madge reigned over her father’s birthday party with regal bearing, a cheesy crown and a goofy grin. As is her royal prerogative, she claimed all the pink balloons for herself.

Later, with the assistance of her brother, Prince Knucklehead, she played a rousing and extended game of “Wrestle Uncle Photographer Until He’s Bruised and Exhausted.”

We’ll party again Mar. 17 when Madge and Prince Nick bring their parents over from Wisconsin for the WCHA hockey tournament in St. Paul. Rumor has it that aunt and uncle will stay in the hotel room with princess and prince one evening while their parents engage in night on the town. Pizza has been promised.

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