Mark III Silliness

Absolute geometric proof that the Mark III doesn't have any focus problems!

My Mark III came home today from a trip to Canon Service, where the peripheral focus points were aligned to factory specs. With any luck I will now be among those Mark III owners who can trust their cameras to focus where we point them. Time will tell.

Before I took the leap into the Great Canon Focusing Adventure known as Mark III ownership, I cruised about the Web looking for opinions on whether it was safe to buy one. I found a couple zillion of `em, which didn’t surprise me because if opinions were gold, the Internet would have a value in excess of the national debt. And the last time I had guts enough to check, that’s a number with more digits than Pi. What did startle me was the number of people claiming that not only was the Mark III fixed, but that there never was anything wrong with it.

Everywhere I looked I found posts hyper critical of Rob Galbraith and any other Mark III user who experienced the weirdly erratic AI servo behavior. Canon fan boys were out in force, defending the honor of their favorite camera company by ridiculing anyone who said that something was wrong with the Mark III. Very few of the fans were actually involved with shooting the Mark III in the situations where seasoned pros were having problems, but that didn’t stop them posting their silly pontifications.

This is my favorite image sample from a Mark III owner proving that the Mark III does not have a focusing problem and never did. I found it on the Canon gear forum. This guy took a picture of his thumb on a hot day, thereby proving beyond a reasonable doubt — with geometric logic! — that the Mark III would track and focus properly on an athlete running toward the camera at high speed. I’m not kidding.

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