Saturday Cat Blogging

April 17, 2010: Rule 955.1 (a) (II) of the Obsessive Amateur Photographer Handbook requires an ” . . . immediate photograph of a cat, dog or child upon receipt of a new piece of gear.” Never one to flout the rules, when I unwrapped my new Nikon 24mm f/1.4 and bolted it to the D700 for the first time, I immediately pointed it toward Bob and Doug, the camera hating cats. You can see their reaction to my intrusion into their nap time.

Were they more appreciative of the efforts of Nikon’s engineers, I think they would’ve approved of the output from this long-awaited and longed-for Nikkor. This image doesn’t show off the 24’s attributes in any revealing way, but it does hint at the potential the combo of the lens and the D700 have in low light situations. This was wide open at ISO 2000.

D700, 24mm, 1/160 @ f/1.4, ISO 2000

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