Canikon Returns

April 20, 2010: I owned a D300 for a while a couple of years ago. Just for giggles and grins one day I kludged up an adapter to fit my Canon 500mm IS to the D300 using an old Nikon F mount and a Canon extension ring. Results with the Canikon hybrid weren’t too bad. Focusing the 500 took a lot of twisting and was very slow compared to a real manual focus lens, and I didn’t have infinity focus. The images were okay and I had some fun, but had no illusions about the Canikon being anything other than an entertaining experiment.  Soon after I sold the D300 and the Canon –> Nikon adapter has been sitting on a shelf since.

Blew the dust off of the adapter today and took the Canikon out for my lunchtime walk, this time using a D700 on the 500 Canon.  Stopped by a local wetland and found a cooperative (and upset) female redwing blackbird to pose for me. Results? Well, it reminded me that once upon a time it took a lot more talent and effort to be a photographer. And I remembered I was never very good a manual focusing on anything that moved.

Top image is the full frame, bottom is a severe crop.

D700, Canon 500mm IS & homemade adapter. 1/400 @ f/4, ISO 800.

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